Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bush Bamboozles Democrats Again

By Robert Parry
January 27, 2007

As Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates joins in baiting Iraq War critics for supposedly aiding the enemy, the Democrats have been taught once more the value of handing a bipartisan olive branch to George W. Bush.

In December 2006, ignoring warnings from former CIA officers who had worked with Gates, Senate Democrats embraced his nomination to replace Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. They fawned over Gates at a one-day hearing, spared the former CIA director any tough questions, and then unanimously endorsed him.

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blue said...

Not trying to be smart ass (much), but I have two questions:

1. Who is really is in charge of national policy?

2. Ever hear of the "good cop, bad cop" technique?

blue said...
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M Henri Day said...

How does that old saw which George Walker Bush seems to have such difficulty citing correctly go : «Fool me once, shame on you ; fool me a thousand times, shame on me» ? Perhaps the Democrats in the Senate desire to be bamboozled ?...