Friday, August 03, 2007

Neck Deep in the [Alternative] Media!

Neck Deep: The Disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush, just published by the Media Consortium, is making a splash in the alternative media. Author Robert Parry has been appearing on several radio programs to discuss the book and the general issues that it covers, particularly the disastrous war in Iraq. You may want to check him out on Radio Chaos, based in Austin Texas: Scott Horton Interviews Robert Parry.

Also, has a review of the book online that may be of interest.
Neck Deep: The Disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush (Paperback & Hardcover)
By Robert Parry, Sam Parry and Nat Parry's Review (excerpt)

Just released, the BuzzFlash copies of "Neck Deep" are signed by the lead author, Robert Parry.

Parry is a former AP and Newsweek reporter, who runs one of our favorite websites, Parry is a mainstream journalist who came in from the cold, having seen the duplicity and buried truth that came out of governmental misdeeds in Central America and Iran-Contra.

Consortiumnews, launched way back in 1995, has been a key source of analytical commentaries exposing the right wing for their betrayal of the Constitution and democracy.

"A real-life who-done-it, Neck Deep unravels what may become one of history's great mysteries: Who killed the American Republic?

How did plutocrat George W. Bush come to lead the United States at the start of the 21st century - and how did he get away with using the 9/11 tragedy to overwhelm the constitutional safeguards that had protected the nation's liberties for more than two centuries?

Neck Deep shows how this crime was committed and then lines up the suspects - aggressive Republicans, accommodating Democrats, abrasive pundits, careerist journalists - for an assessment of collective guilt."

A solid overview of the nightmarish years known as the Bush Administration.

"It was a perfect storm that has been building for a quarter of a century," says Parry. "Aggressive Republicans, accommodating Democrats,and a press corps driven more by careerism than a search for truth have caused our country to become what the Founders fought against."

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Hillary's Nuclear 'Tough-Gal-ism'

By Robert Parry
August 3, 2007

For years now – arguably for decades – the dominant ideology of Washington has been what could be called “tough-guy-ism,” which usually consists of politicians and pundits competing for the most belligerent pose on any given foreign policy issue.

Sometimes the results can be comical, with arm-chair warriors who have never been near a real battlefield spouting military jargon and threatening America’s “enemies.” Other times, the consequences can be tragic, as when the Washington Rambos get their way and send someone else or someone else’s kids off to kill or be killed in a misguided war.

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is now indulging in what might be called “tough-gal-ism” as she berates rival contender Barack Obama for allegedly showing his inexperience by not brandishing nuclear weapons against possible al-Qaeda targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Collapsing Bridges vs. War in Iraq

By Stephen Crockett
August 3, 2007

The kind of money being spent by the Bush Republicans can result in saved or lost lives.

We all can see the results in the case of Iraq. Launching his optional war against Saddam Hussein, in the way he did, Bush has directly cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers and maybe a hundred thousand mostly innocent Iraqi civilians. We have failed as a nation to come to terms with the massive costs that are less direct and obvious but just as real.

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Bush's Secret Spying on Americans

By Robert Parry
August 2, 2007

The dispute over whether Attorney General Alberto Gonzales committed perjury when he parsed words about George W. Bush’s warrantless surveillance program misses a larger point: the extraordinary secrecy surrounding these spying operations is not aimed at al-Qaeda, but at the American people.

There has never been a reasonable explanation for why a fuller discussion of these operations would help al-Qaeda, although that claim often is used by the Bush administration to challenge the patriotism of its critics or to avoid tough questions.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Impeachment & the Constitution

By Stephen Crockett
July 31, 2007

The United States has been in a prolonged Constitutional crisis since the Supreme Court showed it had been corrupted by partisan politics when the Bush vs. Gore ruling was issued in December 2000.

The Bush Administration began by Republican politicians thumbing their noses at the rule of law. The past seven years have been an unending assault on Constitutional government, American political traditions and personal freedom.

It is time to place impeachment fully on the table for the top members of the Bush White House and Cabinet.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

NYT's New Pro-War Propaganda

By Robert Parry
July 30, 2007

No need to wait until September. It’s already obvious how George W. Bush and his still-influential supporters in Washington will sell an open-ended U.S. military occupation of Iraq – just the way they always have: the war finally has turned the corner and withdrawal now would betray the troops by snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

At one time, the Iraq story line was how many schoolrooms had been painted or how well the government security forces were doing. Now there are new silver linings being detected that will justify a positive progress report in September – and the U.S. news media is again ready to play its credulous part.

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