Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tying Obama to Bush's Budget Mess

By Robert Parry
June 10, 2009

Some people say that George W. Bush didn’t solve any national problems during his eight years in office, but that’s not exactly right.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Remember how everyone was worried that the government would have too much cash lying around?

"a formula for disaster" because we might have to take equity stakes in private companies?

"Under current policies, the federal government will collect $2.9 trillion more in tax overpayments than it will be able to use to pay down national debt held by the public. This money must be spent by the federal government, invested in the private sector, returned to taxpayers, or some combination of all three. Regrettably, many policymakers have advocated allowing the federal government to invest these excess balances in the private sector. This would be a formula for disaster, which would threaten the economy as well as the retirement security of all Americans." -- Heritage Org, 2001