Friday, August 06, 2010

October Surprise Cover-up Unravels

By Robert Parry
August 6, 2010

Not to belabor a point, but some die-hard defenders of the October Surprise cover-up continue to insist that there is real evidence debunking the now overwhelming case that Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign interfered with President Jimmy Carter’s negotiations to free 52 American hostages then held in Iran.

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Anonymous said...

America desperately needs to have this story exposed and acknowledged. We are so corrupted, and it really does stem from the damage done to the system by the GOP administrations. They crushed the left because the left did not protest when their leadership was decapitated in the 60's when America tried to make a turn toward peace. Three great men supposedly struck down by three "Lone Nuts," who essentially all denied that they ever killed anyone, and never stated any motives.

The Left did not demand justice for Iran-Contra-Cocaine-October Surprise, for Bush's stolen election of 2000 (and likely 2004), for the absurdly false flag anthrax letters...

When all taken collectively, we have to recognize that there is such criminality in the American Establishment that it is not unreasonable to question 9-11, especially when you remember that it was not to be investigated at all, then the investigation was to be led by war criminal Henry Kissinger, before ending in the not at all disinterested hands of Lee Hamilton and Phillip Zelikow.

Obama's impotence pretty clearly shows that the White House has been effectively turned into a strait Jacket when its occupant wants to do anything other than expand/maintain the Empire and serve the Corporate Elite.

Only revelations regarding the suppressed history of our Gangster Establishment are likely to disenthrall enough people to make a difference.

And of course that is the very reason that so much energy has been put into stigmatizing "conspiracy theories" which in the case of October Surprise include documented, inarguable instances of high crimes including treason.

Ethan Allen said...

I, for one, do not believe you are belaboring the importance of the "October Surprise" and the ensuing cover-up orchestrated by Lee Hamilton, Henry Hyde, and their corrupt fellow travelers. As you and many other investigative journalists have accurately recounted on many occasions, the "capture" of our instiutions of government by corrupt political and private interests can only be stopped and corrected by a public properly informed of their own history. Correcting a historical record that has been so thoroughly adulterated with intentional fabrications and distortions becomes increasingly more difficult with every day that passes; and with time on their side, those that are intent on such corruption are only encouraged and empowered by what they must cynically regard as their many successes.

Anonymous said...

Parry 2 Barcella 0.

Anonymous said...

When will we get it. Muslims didn't do 9/11

Only the dumbed down people believe still believes Muslims did 9/11

That a terminally ill Bin Laden organized 9/11 from a cave in Afghanistan.

That Muslims took over 4 planes with nothing but box cutters & personality.

Then performed unbelievable aerobatics man overs to hit targets causing damage that denied the laws of physics.

Still if you believe in Bible Prophesies you will believe anything.

9/11-- Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings.

The full story for Patriots to see what happened to their country .

In the "Iran Contra" the US & Israeli Military worked against the USA & its President at the time President Carter.

Some would & should call this Treason.


Wake up American Patriots your country needs your help.

Anonymous said...

"Iran-Contra Colonel In Gun-Run Case"

Anonymous said...

Interview with Florida State professor Lance deHaven-Smith on the stolen 2000 election and later in the interview - State Crimes Against Democracy

Anonymous said...

Terrorism is not science fiction & movie plots are not reality. What convinced me 9/11 was allowed to happen & not made to happen by the Bushies is that the tallest building ever imploded was the J.L. Hudson Department Store in Detroit, MI in 1998 at a height of 439 in 1998 by CDI -
I've looked a long time w/o finding any reporting on any taller building imploded. None. Zero. Zip. 1WTC: 1,368 ft, 2WTC: 1,362 ft (Here's video of the second tallest implosion, 380 ft, 2006 -

The buildings could not have been deliberately imploded as no one else has done anything comparable since. The technology & expertise simply do not exist. But LIHOP is bad enough.

Robert, thank you for continuing to report on the October Surprise, I've been following your work for many years. But IMO the content of this article doesn't quite match its headline of "October Surprise Cover-up Unravels". Your headline seems to imply you've found a smoking gun instead of yet another path down the rabbit hole which is why nobody outside of a very tiny group has ever paid attention to this. When the hostages were released on the same day at the same time Reagan was inaugurated I knew then and there that something crooked had transpired. And from that day I have been appalled at the utter stupidity of the vast majority that continues to ignore and deny what their own lying eyes saw.

Big Em said...

I too agree with Bob Parry's reporting on the October Surprise - - it pulls together a lot of details without making any casual leaps of fantasy. While obviously some of the right-wingers/Republican apologists try to dismiss this theory out of hand, they only have to look at the widely exposed corrupt acts of their 'heroes' like Reagan (the Iran/Contra connections and illegal arms running against Nicaragua, and his support of the bloody dictators in Central America) and "W"s now infamous, entirely exposed fabrication and orchestration of the 2003 Iraq invasion/war as MORE extreme examples of nefarious activity than what the October Surprise demonstrates! Just apply a little proportion - - if these presidents & their minions were willing to do things that would unequivocally lead to the deaths of significant or even large numbers of civilians in foreign countries, what would EVER give a rational person cause to think that these same people would have ANY qualms about what amounts to essentially paying some bribes to win an election? They had motive, opportunity, and historical inclination (the righties have always had a win at all costs 'pragmatism', a macho type of ethos) to do this. As 'Anonymous 6' notes above, the release of the Iranian hostages on the same day as Reagan's inauguration seems beyond coincidental and can very likely be read as a signal that 'the fix was in', and that Ayatollah Khomeini and his religious zealots were going with Reagan's offer (illegal & treasonous though it was) as recounted in Robert Parry's Russian report.

Also, in agreement with 'Anonymous 6' (and many others progressive/leftists such as Bill Bluhm, Alexander Cockburn, Ernest Partridge, George Monbiot, etc), I too don't believe the theory that 9/11 was actively orchestrated by the US right wingers - - mainly because that would just be TOO wide of a conspiracy to control. I can believe that 20 or 30 fanatical Middle-Easterners with a budget and a self-sacrificing strategy could pull it off... I can't believe that hundreds of US people, with NO history of killing their fellow US citizens, would agree to do something as massive as 9/11, cover it up, AND NOT get caught, just to help Israel and/or GW Bush. (Also, there's excellent work done by several skeptics, like this one: ). Essentially one has to judge each conspiracy theory (be it the government's official conspiracy theory, or the private ones of interested parties) on it's merits - - what are the supporting and conflicting facts, how plausible is it in the real-world, and then apply Occam's razor (ie; accept the shortest theory that will explain ALL the significant, known facts).

Anonymous said...

Its a BIG if, but if 9/11 were "an inside job", it might have had nothing to do with the intent of invading Iraq, that was going to happen anyway, 9/11 just helped, but it was not really needed, in my opinion.

As Big Em said...

"Occam's razor (ie; accept the shortest theory that will explain ALL the significant, known facts)."

9/11 did give the far right the excuse to act the way they did as regards introducing anti-terrorism laws, etc. All of them would prove power consolidating in the event of a breakdown of society. You get my point?.

As Big Em said...

"(the righties have always had a win at all costs 'pragmatism', a macho type of ethos) to do this."

Spot on, I think, but there again, its only my opinion.

Anonymous said...

According to the 9/11 Commission report, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta ordered all civilian flights to be grounded at 9:45 am on September 11.

But a full El Al flight took off on 9/11 from JFK to Tel Aviv Israel.

Dumbed down Americans should know & have answers to so many "coincidences" & the near total lack of interest in investigation of the "phony" phone calls from passengers , the surviving passport & the "hijackers" who survived..

The clues that led to the evidence.

Muslim Religious Fanatics on a mission for Alah going to "strip clubs" etc etc.

Cuo Bono ???

Israel's motive was , as with the Kenedy Assassination , never questioned.