Friday, December 15, 2006

Al Gore Calls for Action on Global Warming

This message came through the listserv of the Progressive Democrats of America.
Dear PDA Friend,

I've been incredibly gratified by the response to An Inconvenient
Truth. I'm extremely proud of all the work the team put into the film
and it feels like it came at a crucial time. But now comes the hard
work. We have to take this message to Washington. And we can't do it
without you.

Yes, the new majority in Congress will be much more receptive on the
importance of global warming. That's the good news. But I know from
personal experience that the only thing that will make Washington really take
notice and do more than give lip service to the problem of global
warming is the prospect of millions of committed citizens taking
action. It's time to join together and make that happen. Can you

First, I'm asking folks to hold house parties
in thousands of homes across the nation, to show the film and spread
the word. We're doing the first wave on

Saturday, December 16. Can you host a party? Or attend a party that
one of your neighbors is hosting?

Second, I'm asking everybody, whether you attend a party or not, to
sign a postcard {} to your
representatives, so that I can take a million postcards and messages
to Washington in January and present them to the new Congress.

We have to build the political will to do what has to be done.
Luckily, in America, political will is a renewable resource.

Thank you,

Al Gore

Progressive Democrats of America

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