Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bush Silences a Dangerous Witness

By Robert Parry
December 30, 2006

Like a blue-blood version of a Mob family with global reach, the Bushes have eliminated one more key witness to the important historical events that led the U.S. military into a bloody stalemate in Iraq and pushed the Middle East to the brink of calamity.

The hanging of Saddam Hussein was supposed to be – as the New York Times observed – the “triumphal bookend” to George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq. If all had gone as planned, Bush might have staged another celebration as he did after the end of “major combat,” posing under the “Mission Accomplished” banner on May 1, 2003.

But now with nearly 3,000 American soldiers killed and the Iraqi death toll exceeding 600,000 by some estimates, Bush may be forced to savor the image of Hussein dangling at the end of a rope a little more privately.

Still, Bush has done his family’s legacy a great service while also protecting secrets that could have embarrassed other senior U.S. government officials.

He has silenced a unique witness to crucial chapters of the secret history that stretched from Iran’s Islamic revolution in 1979 to the alleged American-Saudi “green light” for Hussein to attack Iran in 1980, through the eight years of the Iran-Iraq War during which high-ranking U.S. intermediaries, such as Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates, allegedly helped broker supplies of war materiel for Hussein.

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Felicia Okolo said...

I am surprised this site has had no comments since it's start. I read the Consortium site at least once a week. Normally, I do not comment anywhere, because I don't have information to add.

So much has been written on blogs this past week on the CIA-Bush-Hussein relationship. Why is MSM ignoring it? Is the MSM totally uncredible?

Crazy East Coast Uncle said...

I, too, am surprised at the lack of comments. I certainly hope this picks up:)

I find these post incredible, and at the same time, they remind me of what the founding fathers were trying to avoid!

It is unfortunate that more people don't understand the depths of corruption, but it is a crime that many don't want to learn more.

Please keep up the great work.

Nat Parry said...

Well, thank you both for commenting -- we appreciate it much.

I'm sure it will pick up, sometimes these things take a while.

Keep commenting, and we'll make this the vibrant online community that it should be!

I'll do my part to keep it updated, just keep dropping your two cents. :-)