Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Very Dangerous New Year

By Robert Parry
December 21, 2006

The first two or three months of 2007 represent a dangerous opening for an escalation of war in the Middle East, as George W. Bush will be tempted to “double-down” his gamble in Iraq by joining with Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair to strike at Syria and Iran, intelligence sources say.

President Bush’s goal would be to transcend the bloody quagmire bogging down U.S. forces in Iraq by achieving “regime change” in Syria and by destroying nuclear facilities in Iran, two blows intended to weaken Islamic militants in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.

The Israeli army and air force would carry the brunt of any new fighting albeit with the support of beefed-up U.S. ground and naval forces in the Middle East, the sources said. Bush is now considering a “surge” in U.S. troop levels in Iraq from about 140,000 to as many as 170,000. He also has dispatched a second aircraft carrier group to the coast of Iran.

So far, however, Bush has confronted stiff opposition from the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff to the plan for raising troop levels in Iraq, partly because the generals don’t think it makes sense to commit more troops without a specific military mission.

But it’s unclear how much the generals know about the expanded-war option which has been discussed sometimes in one-on-one meetings among the principals – Bush, Olmert and Blair – according to intelligence sources.

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Anonymous said...


Oh, the war in Iraq is frightful,
To bush it's so delightful,
Trained liars are on the go,
Tony Snow, Tony Snow, Tony Snow!

It doesn't show signs of stoppin',
The bombs are still a-poppin,
Dick is making lots of dough,
Tony Snow, Tony Snow, Tony Snow!

When Laura tells George good night,
Troops are going out in the storm,
As bush hugs his pillow real tight,
His twins are cozy and warm,

More troops are quickly dyin',
And, my dear, he's still a-lyin',
But as long as the lies do flow,
Tony Snow, Tony Snow, Tony Snow!