Friday, January 12, 2007

The U.S.-Iran-Iraq-Israeli-Syrian War

By Robert Parry
January 12, 2007

At a not-for-quotation pre-speech briefing on Jan. 10, George W. Bush and his top national security aides unnerved network anchors and other senior news executives with suggestions that a major confrontation with Iran is looming.

Commenting about the briefing on MSNBC after Bush’s nationwide address, NBC’s Washington bureau chief Tim Russert said “there’s a strong sense in the upper echelons of the White House that Iran is going to surface relatively quickly as a major issue – in the country and the world – in a very acute way.”

Russert and NBC anchor Brian Williams depicted this White House emphasis on Iran as the biggest surprise from the briefing as Bush stepped into the meeting to speak passionately about why he is determined to prevail in the Middle East.

“The President’s inference was this: that an entire region would blow up from the inside, the core being Iraq, from the inside out,” Williams said, paraphrasing Bush.

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knowBuddhaU said...

The countries on Bush’s “axis of evil” hit list saw that Iraq’s WMD disarmament and acceptance of United Nations inspections didn't stop the U.S.-led invasion.

This is the worst thing about Bush's folly in Iraq, IMO. The lesson has to be that only a nuclear deterrent will keep the US at bay. And the corollary, I believe, is that we must renew the world's commitment to nuclear disarmament.

Aren't we the worst violators of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty? Doesn't the NPT oblige us to dismantle, not upgrade our stockpiles? And if we continue to ignore it, as with Israel, or only use it as a cudgel against our foe du jour, won't that eventually have the same effect as abrogating it outright?

Is it too cynical to note that we're the world's largest arms dealer and that you can't be an arms dealer in a peaceful world? It sure does seem at times that perpetual war is the goal.

Fues said...

The Pandoras Box that would be opened by the use of any kind of Nuclear weapon bodes ill for all of mankind and if those with the power in government to influence these decisions do nothing to stop this madness mankinds reign on earth will be a short one there no one with a shred of wisdom left in this world of fools..a big wtf