Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gore's Other Global Warning: Iraq War

By Robert Parry
February 25, 2007

As Al Gore steps into the national spotlight because of the Academy Awards and his global-warming documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” it’s worth remembering that in fall 2002 Gore sought to warn the American people about another “inconvenient truth,” the folly of invading Iraq.

The former Vice President did so at a time when it was considered madness or almost treason to object to George W. Bush’s war plans. But Gore was one of a small number of national political figures who took that risk and paid a price, subjected to widespread ridicule and disdain from the Washington news media.

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CyberBoston said...

When we talk about the "few" national figures who had the guts to oppose the Iraq invastion, we need to remember that almost *one quarter* of U.S. Senators - 23, to be exact - voted nay on the October 2002 authorization vote. John Edwards, Hilary Clinton and John Kerry all lamely blamed their votes for a long time on Bush's cooked intelligence. It's lame because 23 of their colleagues had the wisdom and *backbone* to vote nay. Those 23 saw through Bush's flimsy arguments. Any Democrat who does not totally own up to, and apologize for their own bad judgment in voting yea in 2002 (without trying to blame Bush again) cannot get my vote in 2008. They screwed up horribly in that vote, helping enable an incompetent, reckless president to start a needless war. Full, unqualified apologies are necessary. I know Edwards has been on an apology binge (a good thing - cleanses the soul and the candidacy) but does he now leave blaming Bush out of it?

Traveling Man said...

Perhaps Gore's time has come. No doubt the man is a visionary, a rare much needed trait in a politician.
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