Wednesday, March 21, 2007

U.S. News Media's 'War on Gore'

By Robert Parry
March 22, 2007

When historians sort out what happened to the United States at the start of the 21st Century, one of the mysteries may be why the national press corps ganged up like school-yard bullies against a well-qualified Democratic presidential candidate while giving his dimwitted Republican opponent virtually a free pass.

How could major news organizations, like The New York Times and The Washington Post, have behaved so irresponsibly as to spread falsehoods and exaggerations to tear down then-Vice President Al Gore – ironically while the newspapers were berating him for supposedly lying and exaggerating?

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Mel said...

You are right that the media spent much more time on Gore than on The President, but you also spend way too much time on the Gore side of the issue. You do realize that the President won (I know that's debatable, but for the sake of the argument, he won) on his education policies.

Now, I live in Texas, and I don't remember the news media coming down and doing a single investigative report on our education system. If they had done this, they would have realized how horrible the TAAS test, the type of test the President wanted on a national level, was working out.

However, the media didn't say anything on it, and this was just one example of their laissez faire attitude finding checking the truth of what the President said or proposed (they still do this in large part). The President was Governor of Texas, so the news media should have come to Texas and investigated the effects of the policies the President wanted to promote on a national level. I don't know why they didn't, but their inaction was costly.

Megan said...

They did the same thing to John Kerry. I hope you will elucidate that travesty, too.

Jagat said...

Cheez! Only two comments! I guess that's because it is so relentless and full of painful evidence.

This article is devastating. I hope that this attempt to recuperate Gore's reputation is part of a move to bring him to the presidency. It may be too late, but he stands head and shoulders above everyone else in the field in experience, foresight and wisdom.


Caitlyn said...

The only reason the (conservative) media went on a witch hunt for misrepresented Al Gore quotes was because they couldn't find anything else wrong with him! He was, is, and will be completely qualified and hands down the best candidate for the Presidency and their poor excuse for a Governor - nevermind a President - couldn't hold a candle to him. Despite all his negative publicity, he still "won" the race. I am a liberal-minded person, but try to be as balanced as I can when it comes to issues, but I think anyone can see how much better off we would be if Gore had won in 2000.