Wednesday, March 07, 2007

WPost Editorial Fantasyland

By Robert Parry
March 8, 2007

Fred Hiatt’s Washington Post editorial page and George W. Bush’s presidency have a lot in common – most notably an arrogance of power so extreme that they believe their very words can alter reality.

With Bush, that record has been well established, from asserting that Saddam Hussein never let the U.N. inspectors in to hyping progress in the Iraq War. But editorial page editor Hiatt – in league with Post publisher Donald Graham – is not far behind.

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sm/dvmx said...

The Post is shockingly complicit in this. One can only wonder why. Are Hiatt and Graham's personal ideologies so identical to the White House's twisted reality?
Or are they susceptible to the White HZouse twisting their arms? (Were they wiretapped, for example? WH got some dirt?)
Because there is an effort directed by someone above behind it- note that David Brooks, NYTimes columnist, basically said the same line of argument on the News Hour the other day:

"I think Joe Wilson started this all by making a series of sensational and now we know false charges. "

The same lies, different guy, different paper... so who is orchestrating? and why are Hiatt, Graham, Brooks and others so willing to spread lies of record for them?
David Brooks on Joe Wilson March 9 PBS News Hour discussion of Libby trial
transcript and audio