Friday, April 06, 2007

Bush/Cheney Still Lie with Abandon

By Robert Parry
April 6, 2007

What makes George W. Bush and Dick Cheney such extraordinary threats to the future of American democracy is their readiness to tell half-truths and outright lies consistently without any apparent fear of accountability.

While other politicians might spin some facts in a policy debate or a tell a fib about a personal indiscretion, President Bush and Vice President Cheney act as if they have the power and the right to manufacture reality itself, often on matters of grave significance that bear on war and peace or the future of the nation.

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starhelix said...


Do you really believe that alleged last-minute video by bin Laden was authentic? Why do you believe anything the Bush mob says? This video was obviously planted to give Bush the boost he needed. We don't know if bin laden is really a lone terrorist or simply a CIA asset on the Bush payroll. Until we get the truth about what really happened on 9/11, anything coming out of the Bush mob's mouth has to be taken as lies.

Franklin L. Johnson

James Young said...

You know, Parry has an interesting article which raises points over which reasonable men may differ.

Of course, reasonable readers won't read past his title because this asshole has to smear those which whom he disagrees as "liars."

James Young said...

I would add, without actually quoting those whom he has labeled as "liars." Too frequently, those suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome misrepresent that which is said by those in the Administration to sustain their own fantasies.

EvilPoet said...

Bush Derangement Syndrome: The rightwing retort is that Bush's opponents suffer from "Bush Derangement Syndrome," a key symptom of which is an overwhelming, irrational hatred of George W. Bush. Typical of rightwing attacks on the left, it uses the language of insanity and mental defects (case in point: the 'loony left'). As an aside, I've seen a lot of that in response to my challenge to rightwing bloggers to prove liberal media bias. A number of bloggers ignored my numerous examples of pro-Bush coverage and simply called me a nutjob (or some variant thereof).

What exactly is Bush Derangement Syndrome? Is it the bitter feeling ordinary Americans feel when they see an administration trampling on civil liberties in the name of protecting them from an enemy it failed to defend against the first time around? (An enemy who must have watched in glee as an American city drowned while the federal government chased its tail.) Is it the outrage at a "leader" who has presided over the collapse of America's reputation? Is it fury at a White House that dishonors our military by launching a war based on blatant deceptions? Is it the resistance to the breakdown of the rule of law? Is it the refusal to wade into the ethical swamp of human rights violations in the name of fighting terror? Is it disgust and disbelief at reporters who act as administration stenographers? Most importantly, is Bush Derangement Syndrome a worldwide epidemic? After all, Bush is viewed unfavorably by a majority of the American public, and by a vast majority of the world's inhabitants.

Perhaps Bush Derangement Syndrome is what afflicts rightwing bloggers, eager as they are to defend policies so clearly antithetical to genuine conservatism that it would be grimly amusing if the stakes weren't so high. Members of this administration - hiding behind a tattered veil of self-ascribed nobility - are doing what so many other people in positions of power do: they are abusing that power. And rightwingers who should know better that to enable it do so out of sheer hatred for liberals, a hatred stoked by the Limbaughs and Coulters and Hannitys of this world and exacerbated by lily-livered mainstream reporters who willingly weave rightwing storylines. Meanwhile, Democratic leaders would rather focus-group cheap slogans than grab the bull by the horns and lead America out of this mess.

It's a sorry state of affairs, really.