Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dying for W

By Robert Parry
April 25, 2007

George W. Bush admits he has no evidence that a withdrawal timetable from Iraq would be harmful. Instead, the President told interviewer Charlie Rose that this core assumption behind his veto threat of a Democratic war appropriation bill is backed by “just logic.”

“I mean, you say we start moving troops out,” Bush said in the interview on April 24. “Don’t you think an enemy is going to wait and adjust based upon an announced timetable for withdrawal?”

It is an argument that Bush has made again and again over the past few years, that with a withdrawal timetable, the “enemy” would just “wait us out.” But the answer to Bush’s rhetorical question could be, “well, so what if they do?”

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shonen said...

Ahem. The United States had considerable help in winning world war two. I know that goes against the grain for most americans, but the truth needs to be told.

sonshinebaer said...

Did you see and hear Bush say "give my chance a plan to work" ????? This Freudian Slip clearly indicates he's had his chance and needs a plan.

Mark said...

Agree with most of what has said, except it wasn't just the Americans that won the Second World War - i think us Brits had a hand in it somewhere, and for a couple of years, the Americans stayed at home!

EvilPoet said...

A just war or just a crusade?

(2003) Culture, Religion, Apocalypse, and Middle East Foreign Policy: It’s hard to believe, but the Bush administration’s foreign policy and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq are influenced by the writings of a cave-dwelling hermit who had apocalyptic visions some 2000 years ago. Continued here...

Langx said...

Must you lack common sense to be in the GOP.

You must.

The "They will wait us out" argument is completely ridiculous.

Republicans say: They will wait us out.

Common Sense says: It's their country. Where else will they wait.

They will alwys be there.

10-20 years from now they will still be there.

Why can't one reporter ask a GOP memeber who dares to let this thought escape from their brains to their lips ask them this question.

They live there will else do you expect them to wait? Since they live there where are they going?