Thursday, April 12, 2007

Iraq & the Logic of Timetables

By Robert Parry
April 12, 2007

It has become a standard part of George W. Bush’s litany for why he will veto a congressional plan for setting a timetable for withdrawing U.S. combat forces from Iraq: “Why would you say to the enemy, ‘Here’s a timetable. Just go ahead and wait us out?’”

Well, there’s a logical answer to Bush’s rhetorical question. If a timetable encourages Iraqi insurgents to silence their guns and to stop planting roadside bombs – even temporarily to wait the Americans out – Iraq might get the breathing space it needs to begin healing its sectarian divisions.

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EvilPoet said...

Is the Iraq war a just war? Or just a crusade?

Secret Prisons & 'Alternative' Interrogation
Bush's Christian War on Islamofascism
Austin Cline, Agnosticism /Atheism Blog
September 7, 2006

George W. Bush says that Jesus is his favorite philosopher. George W. Bush says that God called him to lead America. Bush has reportedly said that God told him to strike at Afghanistan and Iraq. He is seen as owing his elections as president to the votes of conservative evangelical Christians. Bush leads a political party which regularly puts the religious interests of conservative evangelical Christians above the general interests of the public as a whole. Republican Party platforms regularly proclaim that America is a “Christian Nation” and call for inserting Christian doctrine, morals, and policies into public laws.

Bush is the most overtly “Christian” president America has had in a long time. He leads the most overtly “Christian” political party on the scene and they both pursue overtly Christian agendas, policies, and values. What are the fruits of America’s ongoing experiment with Christian government?

George W. Bush is responsible for creating secret prisons in foreign countries where people can be subjected to “alternative” interrogation methods outside the review or supervision of any international agencies. Bush is responsible for the creation of a concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where prisoners can be detained and interrogated without charges or trial. He is responsible for the use of “aggressive” treatment of prisoners which qualify as torture under all legal and moral codes, but which he denies is “real” torture so long as no one dies and there are no permanent injuries. He is responsible for the use of attack dogs and mock executions to intimidate prisoners.

George W. Bush has asserted the authority to detain and imprison American citizens without charge, without trial, without access to family, and without access to legal counsel. He is responsible for shutting American citizens out of the nation without charge and without trial. Bush has asserted the power to spy on American citizens without charge and without court oversight. He launched an invasion of a foreign country on false and constantly shifting pretenses. He is responsible for people being handed over to foreign governments known to use torture in interrogations.

Obviously not all Christians agree with these developments, but George W. Bush’s very vocal Christian supporters have either not objected or, even worse, have endorsed these policies.

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