Friday, May 04, 2007

Missile Defense Seen as Dangerous

By Ivan Eland
May 4, 2007

President Bush’s plan to deploy missile defenses in Central Europe will reduce U.S. security, not enhance it. Installing radar for tracking incoming missiles in the Czech Republic and anti-missile interceptors in Poland could do more harm than good.

Ostensibly, the European radar and interceptors are aimed at the future threat of nuclear-armed Iranian missiles. But Russia suspects—perhaps with good reason—that the real purpose of the deployments is to cement the security guarantees the United States has given to the two former Russian allies.

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M Henri Day said...

Mr Eland ignores the fact that the major manipulation being carried out on the so-called «protector» - ultimately, those hapless portions of the US population that pay the taxes which fund the whole machine - is not that being performed by Polish and Czech politicians (although admittedly, these latter are doing the very best they can), but rather the manipulations carried out by the Military-Industrial-Lobbyist Complex, which, by ratcheting the tension ever upward while installing a useless boondoggle, make certain that those good-ol' profits just keep a-rolling in....