Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Next Generation of 'Family Jewels'?

By Robert Parry
June 27, 2007

The CIA’s belated release of its infamous “Family Jewels” sheds light on U.S. intelligence abuses during the CIA’s first quarter century, but this openness may actually obscure a darker reality – that the subsequent three-plus decades have witnessed worse national-security crimes committed under the cloak of greater secrecy and deception.

Washington’s current conventional wisdom is that the “bad ol’ days” of the 1950s and 1960s couldn’t recur because a formal system of congressional oversight was put in place after press reports first disclosed CIA abuses in the mid-1970s.

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dalgal said...

This is a wonderful piece by a reporter who knows more about the Bush-Reagan CIA and dirty tricks of anyone outside of the "Family". Thanks.
Point worth considering in addition to getting answers to these questions: What do you think of the timing of this piece? Daily, ever more Bush WH operatives go to slammer for corruption. More importantly, Congress and the courts are honing in on the Gonzales firings and other pieces of Cheney's ruination of the U.S. Constitution and breaking of U.S. treaties, Geneva Convention, etc.
Does it seem reasonable to you, in light of the coming elections, that this release is damage control: you know, leaking 'smaller' crimes in advance of the real deal, so that the average reader considers the crimes to be business as usual?

kim segar said...

I believe this administration is like the same plan Hitler had, just pushed in a different way to fool the people. But if we only did our homework in history, we would also look at the fruits. they hit Afhgan for drugs, Iraq for oil and seems they forgot our debt to China and others which is now knocking. I think we all know the EU wants to rule under Islam and of course the big wigs have been attacking and making war to weaken those who can overtake us, that is why no border are allowed, no freedoms, no property, no decent job, no control , just a third world hell with the rich leading the poor. If it is not stopped we are done for. The people need to wake up, and get every three wheeler we can find and load them up and send them all to prison, close our borders inforce our laws. HOw many times do we have to hear and see Islam has the same G-d as we do..when we know it is the moon god that the moonie worship who plan to take over America and have Bush boys help these last days he has to finish up off. He needs to be stopped..

Richard Kanegis said...

To Consortium News627;7I would like to thank Jr. for these revelations and wish others would join me.

Bush Jr. sometimes does things right. He urged people not to deface Muslim business after 9/11 visited a mosque, and made a point to include Muslims in the faith-based initiative.

He apologized for Abu Ghraib abuse in front of the King of Jordan, but a general, (I wish someone would remind me of his name) complained that Bush looked small, and joined the Kerry campaign to the cheers of the antiwar movement.

In Fullujah, an Iraqi go-between arranged with commanders in the field for the locals to accept nominal Bagdad authority and US troops pulled back as the locals cheered. Then a Kerry campaign ad complained of terrorists hiding in Fullujah, and Jr. demanded al Sadr's arrest. By election day US troops were back in Fulujah with a vengeance.

Everthing has been going wrong since we won World War II by pretending the Japs were subversive in order to put fear in the hearts of German and Italian Americans that their children would be arrested too.

Also, the German and Japanese codes was broken, and it was kept secret from them by allowing Pearl Harbor to happen, and other attacks that couldn't be stopped without exposing that the West had broken the code.

Lets urge Jr. to declassify everthing. He is the only hope we got. I trust him far more than I would trust President Hillary.

Republicans complained to the Nation, of all places, about racism in the Washington Times. So the brainWashington Times tried to fire Condoleezza, demanded that Haskins resign, and outed Foley. See Christian Science Monitor article of Folly last paragraph.

It's not much but I trust the retard, for more than I would trust President Hillary. He is the best hope we got.

Richard Kanegis,
22S 22nd St Apt 305
Phila Pa 19103