Friday, July 27, 2007

Dangers of a Cornered George Bush

By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity and Dr. Justin Frank
July 27, 2007

Recent events have put a great deal more pressure on President George W. Bush, who has shown little regard for the constitutional system bequeathed to us by the Founders. Having bragged about being commander in chief of the “first war of the 21st century,” one he began under false pretenses, success in Iraq is now a pipedream.

The “new” strategy of surging troops in Baghdad has simply wasted more lives and bought some time for the president. His strategy boils down to keeping as many of our soldiers engaged as possible, in order to stave off definitive defeat in Iraq before January 2009.

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EvilPoet said...

And just think - EVERYTHING Bush does is in the name of Lord. If he really truly believes that he's God's emissary (which I think he does) - that not only makes him capable of doing anything but far more dangerous than if he were just saying it to secure his legacy.

Judith said...

One scenario not discussed is that Bush and Cheney would find it very convenient to stage another so-called terrorist attack here in the United States and quickly retaliate by doing what they want to do anyway. It doesn't matter if the majority of Americans would believe such an attack were truly by terrorits, because there would be an innevitable aftermath reaction of confusion, missinformation and other truth and fact stalling strategies. By the time anyone was able to catch their breath, we would be in another war in Iran. The possibilities of what Bush and Cheney are capable of doing is terrifying, especially if they choose to use nuclear weapons.

RichardKanegis said...

Right before Nixon was impeached I casually mentioned to the the head of Philadelphia SANE that I thought Nixon might push the nuclear button before he was impeached.

This peace activist fell apart distraught that he might be helping get a nuclear war not working for peace. It turned out that Hague thought the same thing and seized control of it. I wouldn't count on Condoleezza doing the same.

Everyone seems to be seeing the administration on a ledge and yelling jump jump jump at them.

If everyone pretended that they only wanted Gonzales impeached then Cheney then if Bush nominated a goon to take Cheney's place, Congress secretly met at night and secretly impeached and convicted Bush in a few hours somehow keeping it a secret from Leiberman way, then working for Impeachment might mean working for peace.

Bush began apologizing for Abu Ghraib in front of the King of Jordan and Republican leader Bill Frist was going to call for bipartisan detention reform during a grim Congressional report on additional Abu Ghraib photos Congress privately viewed.

But he was cut off the air by a news bulletin of Nick Berg being beheaded.

Then a general said how small Bush looked joining the Kerry campaign to the cheers of the peace movement.

In Oct 2006 there was a cease fire in Fuluja until a Kerry campaign ad complained of terrorist hiding in Fullujah. and Bush demanded al Sadr's arrest.

Bush also showed a major change of heart toward North Korea, but I hope that wasn't because the Moonies are busy taking over North Korea, so they no longer want US to be mad at the North Koreans.

Bush's handlers were afraid that if Cindy Sheehan took a photo-op with him, she might persuade him, Let's think they fear the touch of good in Bush

I wrote a comprehensive "Don't impeach Bush" that I hope will change him if I could get it prominently posted Similar to the Nation and USA Today's impeachment debates. which fortunately didn't lobby Bush to improve his ways. .

Richard Kanegis
I posted my phone on Nader's sight long ago but am disguising my contact info just to stop automatic emails

pazyamor said...

Great article reminding us why we need to work to impeach Bush. I would just ask the author to add more to his analysis about why Bush benefits from continuing this war. What besides wanting to be "right" keeps him on this violent course? Is the capitalist class of the US losing some of their dominant position in the world? If this is an imperialist war to plunder the resources of Iraq, why will Bush and his gang go so far and incur so much "collateral damage" to do so? What are the economic stakes for them? Thanks for helping me understand this.

tedbohne said...
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tedbohne said...
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tedbohne said...

I don't recall this pencil dick sonofabitch (sorry) ever being elected to anything. Commander in chief?, only because WE continue to allow him to be. I would think by now the damnable conclusion would be that Bush's command as well as his fellow conspirators, should be terminated with extreme prejudice. I'm rather surprised it hasn't been accomplished

tedbohne said...

I feel reasonably certain that the congress will be of no help. Pelosi's party was given a mandate when given the barely perceivable majority in both houses. Her fear of either the Bush family, and this would be a rational one, seems to have stopped her and her cronies from writing articles of impeachment against Bush and Cheney. I don't know how low this country plans to sink below the all time low we're currently passing, but how many more lives will be lost to murder by the Bush Cartel, dollars disappearing, economy crashing, before either the congress or a sharpshooter disables this engine of destruction. These people were never elected to the offices they now squat in. They are criminals beyond ANY doubt. What is it going to take?

tedbohne said...
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tedbohne said...
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tedbohne said...

Despite the OVERWHELMING body of data, both factual and evidential, that Al Qaida and Osama Bin Laden aren't responsible for the events of 911, the american public is willing to accept this canard. It would be no leap to suspect that the "shadow government" that i would think George is likely unaware of, but his Dick, Cheney isn't, would have little problem staging another such disaster in the attempt, perhaps to declare martial law, or perhaps some form of "president for life" scheme? Sound impossible? It's happening at this moment. So far, none of these sick deviants has succumbed to arrest or any form of attempt to stop their clearly insane machinations.