Tuesday, July 17, 2007

If the Democrats Want to Win...

By Robert Parry
July 18, 2007

If the Democrats really want to prevail over George W. Bush on the Iraq War and on his authoritarian vision of presidential powers, they would put back on the table two options that their leaders have removed: a cut-off of war funding and impeachment.

Rather than all-night debates about resolutions that will go nowhere, the Democrats would make the case to the American people that Bush has trampled on the Constitution; he has ensnared the nation in a catastrophic war by lying; and he has his eyes set on more dangerous chicanery in the months ahead.

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reva said...

There is another 18 months of this torture to go until January 2008 - and if we are seriously considering not impeaching these two - we are asking for trouble.
There is a possibility that within the 18 month period we may need another Supreme Court nomination. Do you really think they would nominate anyone who would not do everything possible to ruin this country even further?
We have reached the limit with this deranged person and his henchman running our lives.
I never really felt this way before, but now I think impeachment is the only answer.
You are right on about Congress as well!