Monday, July 09, 2007

Novak's Limited Plame-gate Hang-out

By Robert Parry
July 10, 2007

Right-wing columnist Robert Novak has played a complex game in advancing the Bush administration’s “Plame-gate” cover-up. Novak was the one who first published the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame; he then answered a few questions before going silent; now, he is making a series of misleading arguments via his columns.

Novak’s deceptions and the complicity of major news organization that publish his column without demanding clarifications may be unprecedented in the history of U.S. journalism. Theoretically at least, news organizations are expected to ferret out government wrongdoing, not act as accomplices in the crime and then abettors of the cover-up.

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Mark Braly said...

As always, great piece. What I don't understand about this case is why somebody doesn't indict Richard Armitage. He admitted the crime of outing an undercover CIA agent. Does he get a free pass for truthfulness? Didn't Karl Rover admit it as well? Why should Libby's conviction and commutation for a lesser crime be the end of it?