Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Daniel Ellsberg: 'A Coup Has Occurred'

By Daniel Ellsberg
September 26, 2007 (from a speech delivered September 20, 2007)

If there’s another 9/11 under this regime … it means that they switch on full extent all the apparatus of a police state that has been patiently constructed, largely secretly at first but eventually leaked out and known and accepted by the Democratic people in Congress, by the Republicans and so forth.

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Real History Lisa said...

I feel the same way, and am glad to see it so well articulated here. I'm forwarding this widely. Thanks so much for all you do, all of you!

Stephanie said...

Great article, Thank You!

Let's take our country BACK!

Philip Kienholz said...

Two other points for consideration:
1) That a judicial coup occurred when, in effect, the Supreme Court set aside the legitimate results of the 2000 election.
2) That a police state is not so much determined by the extent of "intelligence" efforts that invade privacy to provide information to the police, but, as suggested by the Black American activist George Jackson, by the police assuming the right to mete out punishment prior to a decision of guilt by a judicial process--by this definition the seeds of a police state have existed in the US for a very long time, and have been nourished by the television industry since at least NEW YORK CITY BLUES. American academic scholar Alfred W. McCoy makes a similar argument regarding television fostering public acceptance of torture in his book, A QUESTION OF TORTURE: CIA INTERROGATION, FROM THE COLD WAR TO THE WAR ON TERROR.

gshanks said...

To quote the movie 'V'..."There are no coincidences". All of these laws, rulings, Executive orders, million dollar election campaigns and placement of insiders in key positions of power, all point to a single goal. Consolidation of power that can not be challenged in any meaningful way legally.

That will leave those who want to affect change with a stark reality. Accept the status quo. As in...Look how quickly the Democratic Congress is getting us out of Iraq, or go outside the system, and become an enemy of the state, with all of the legal protections, that have been stripped you wont get very far.

Those in power know that you hold on to every bit you can, and you take more when ever you can, and at some point, you reach a tipping point and you have won the game. Even if your opponent hasn't realized it yet.

The Coup has occurred. Most people just don't realize (and probably never will).

Elections are merely speed limits signs that determines the pace of the power grab.

The seeds of a war with Iran have been planted, and are growing nicely. The adminstration will harvest this plan if/when they feel the time is right.

Long term stay in Iraq has alway been the plan. The Suadis kicked us out of their bases after 9/11. (You remember the reason why OBL attacked the WTC...No Americans on hallowed Saudi soil. The long term replacement bases in Iraq have been under construction from the get go. We can't get out of Iraq, because we have no where else to go in the region. Can't go back to Saudi Arabia.

General Betrayus (and 6 years of ground work), closed the deal on selling the long term stay in Iraq to the American people. There was no outrage, or riots, even the Democratic candidates say we will have troops their in 2013.

Soon net neutrality will become a thing of the past. The independant voices that have been banding together will become disenfranchised (a rising threat to those in power). You will get your internet from Time Warner, Viacom, Newscorp and few other providers, and the government will track your political leanings based on the websites you visit, (you know a judge recently declared that the
government doesn't need a warrant to track the internet sites you visit, coincidence?) and the search terms you enter into google.

But all is not lost. To quote 'V' again..."The people should not be afraid of their government, government should be afraid of the people." And they are. You can see it on Bush's face at every public appearance. Those in power will eventually be overturned, hopefully in our life times, and the current system will be replaced by a better system.

And that is what we should be striving for.

At least thats how I see things on a Thursday night!

Zen said...

Good on Ellsberg for his heartfelt desire to take oaths seriously, and to take the Constitution seriously in regards to war powers.
However if one wishes to "go back to the Constitution," then he best be prepared to follow through completely. Doing so will eliminate 90% of federal government programs. And well they should be gone if this country shall get back on its feet.

hrothgar said...

Yes, the coup has already occurred, but within the empty shell of a republic that had quietly died long ago from neglect and abuse. We are apparently doomed to go through the typical and often horrific full cycle that has plagued most civilizations in the past. History rarely allows exceptions to the painful rule.
If I had to choose the primary causes of decline I would pick hubris and inexcusable public ignorance. The two phenomenon have fed on one another reaching unsustainable proportions.
In short, we've been in the early stages of an intellectual Dark Age for some time and the full costs for such foolishness have yet to be paid.

Robert said...

When are we going to realize that it is not the delusions of whacko conspiracy theorists, but a well-documented historical reality that the power elite are represented in the international banking cartel, misleadingly labeled the Federal Reserve Board, together with the Council on Foreign Relations? A look at the membership of both will reveal the commonality of their agenda.

A little further research will reveal the nature of that agenda. Bush/Cheney merely represent a political coup d'etat in its service. Note that the Council on Foreign Relations is a BIPARTISAN organization. The obvious implication is that neither party is going to do much to impede their common agenda. We need to get rid of the Republican/Democratic duopoly and sever the cable with which the power elite dictate our politics, namely the Federal Reserve Board.

The constitution gives our government the right to print its own money free of interest. We signed over that right under President Wilson in 1913, much to the regret of Wilson when he realized the full implications of what he had signed. Those who control the money of a country also control its political agenda.

As a nation we have been accelerating rapidly toward the completeness of that control under Bush after the coup of 2000 instituted by the Supreme Court as so rightly pointed out by another in an earlier comment. Our frustration as a society is doomed to last until we collectively awaken to this dismal reality. The favorite trump card of the power elite is to label dissent as just another whacko conspiracy theory.

Let's wake up, America! Conspiracy cannot be dismissed out of hand, but we do have to be discriminating. The bottom line with regard to laissez faire capitalism and free markets is that markets can be distorted and their intrinisic adaptability eliminated just as effectively if not even more effectively by overly concentrated economic power as by socialist political power.

Our constitution is designed to resist the subjugation of our citizenry to dangerously over-centralized power of whatever sort. The constitution, however, has to be understood and supported by an informed citizenry that is willing to act to make its implementation effective. Let us not forget, and if we already have, please let us remember!

Frustrated by our collective ignorance,


Robert said...

Brief addendum to my previous comment:

History is full of real conspiracies. The human tendency toward the self-serving accumulation of power is unarguably well-demonstrated by that history. To dismiss conspiracies out of hand as delusion is foolish. History has not suddenly stopped producing them.

We do need to be discriminating and well-informed, however. The intellectual and psychological tools for processing information objectively and successfully are in unfortunately very short supply in our culture. We need to change this, but right now both our private, domestic situations and our educational system are falling far short of the task.