Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why Cheney Likes Mukasey for A.G.

By Robert Parry
September 19, 2007

In praising George W. Bush’s new choice for Attorney General, Vice President Dick Cheney identified one freedom in particular that retired Judge Michael Mukasey would protect: “the freedom from fear of terrorist attacks.”

The comment spoke volumes about the Bush administration’s priorities, fitting with the President’s oft-repeated claim that the government has no more important duty than to protect the American people.

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Jerry said...

We can have a republic. We must by pass the media.

Vote for a Statesman who record is his proof he will uphold the constitution no more Politicians empty promises. Vote for Ron Paul tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know who values what you say tell them to look up his record
www vote for a man Not Party tags and dividing ideologies. End this madness of egomaniacs running this country in to a police state who justify their actions behind lies. spread the message before we have no choice to choose.