Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Attacking Iran for Israel?

By Ray McGovern
October 30, 2007

Her claim last week that “the policies of Iran constitute perhaps the single greatest challenge to American security interests in the Middle East and around the world” is simply too much of a stretch.

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Robert B. Livingston said...

How often have we heard this sentence in recent years: "Be afraid. Be very afraid."

Sad to me how far our country has strayed from the attitude of courage and reason that FDR exemplified so long ago-- an attitude that seems apparently forgotten, and futile today.

Last night on the
Liar hour
I heard Norman Podhoretz predict certain war against Iran so that we will all be thanking Bush in 50 years. Fareed Zakaria's rational arguments against such a war were eloquent-- but what use are they coming now so late in this media-abetted neocon game which has forever disdained reason?

We, the unrepresented, can now only watch in horror as the gloves and masks come off and the jackboot rears its ugly face. Those that wear it show no shame.

Would that people would have recognized its coming years ago when characters like Richard Perle were trotted out regularly as urbane voices of authority.

I remember Perle as a nasty kook, but didn't fear him. Now I am sorry that I hadn't.

Stegiel said...

Israel is not much more than a tool of convenience for the Corporate masters.
After all WWII was fought for the interests of IG Farben. Iraq and any war with Iran will be fought for Oil intrests. It is bit absurd to suggest that Israel is the driving force behind Exxon or BP.

truthseeker said...

AIPAC is Pushing US to Attack Iran for Israel

Israel lobby moves US another step closer to war with Iran

Americans are wary of the power of the Israel lobby

AIPAC's Push for War with Iran

War Without End Starts With Iran

War with Iran real risk according to former CIA operative