Wednesday, October 17, 2007

MSM Buries Military Dissent on Iraq

By Robert Parry
October 17, 2007

Last summer when two pro-Iraq War pundits returned from a Pentagon-guided tour of Iraq, the New York Times gave them prime op-ed space to re-invent themselves as harsh war critics who had been won over by George W. Bush’s “surge.”

The deceptively packaged op-ed by Brookings analysts Michael O’Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack – which then was amplified by their many appearances on TV news shows – proved very influential in shaping the congressional war debate.

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phree said...

The MSM has largely ignored Gen. Batiste's, Eaton's and Gen. Sanchez' criticism also. The MSM has also ignored what reports to be a completely corrupted body armor procurement process that has allegedly deprived our troops of the best body armor. So much for supporting the troops. The only explanation, other than evil intent, is that the MSM continues to hope for the best and give the administration the benefit of the doubt, despite five years of evidence that the administration is both incompetent and can't be trusted. All that blather about a liberal press has worked to keep the MSM on the side lines. Very sad.