Friday, November 09, 2007

Democrats Surrender on Torture

By Brent Budowsky
November 9, 2007

First, let’s be crystal clear about how the Democrats threw a vote they would have won on Michael Mukasey and torture -- and let’s be clear why this happened.

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M Henri Day said...

Mr Budowsky promises - but does not deliver - to «be clear why this [the failure to prevent Michael Bernard Mukasey from being confirmed as US Attorney General - at least without a quid pro quo forbidding torture] happened». I have no contact with the Senators in question, so what follows is no more than my specualtion regarding their possible motives, but the fact that Democrats believe, not without reason, that one of their own may be anointed US President on 20 January 2009 cannot be irrelevant here. A wish not to establish precedents which would hinder the new administration from carrying out the same policies carried out by that of Messrs Bush and Cheney, combined with a wish to avoid being characterised by political opponents as «soft on terrorism» (how many of those who did not vote against Mukasey are up for election in 2008 ?) probably played at least as great a role here as «spinelessness». As for Joseph Isadore Lieberman, his constituents in AIPAC and Likud stand solidly behind him. That he continues to contribute to the destruction of Southwest Asia bothers him not a jot ; for him that is not «collateral damage», but rather his declared objective. That a US attack on Iran, his next objective, may lead to the extinction of all mankind, including that minority about which Mr Lieberman claims to be so concerned, escapes him completely....