Thursday, November 29, 2007

WPost Buys into Anti-Obama Bigotry

By Robert Parry
November 29, 2007

Normally when the Washington Post refers to stories on the Internet – even legitimate ones like thinking Al Gore prevailed in the news media’s recount of Florida ballots – the Post’s writing drips with sarcasm as it mocks supposed “conspiracy theorists.”

But a very different – even respectful – tone infused a front-page story on right-wing rumor-mongering about Barack Obama’s alleged adherence to the Muslim faith.

Read on.


Elizabeth said...

It is sickening to me that this level of religious prejudice still exists in this country, but more infuriating is the Washington Post's lack of professional journalism.

Obviously it is too sensitive to attack Senator Obama on his race, so this 'backdoor' into rumor and innuendo to create distrust and fear is right out of the Republican play book. Shame on the W. Post!

Elizabeth said...

That said, I guess I couldn't leave this alone. It is a shame that bigotry and political dirt-fighting drag any candidate's religion into the arena in the campaign for the presidency. Whether Obama is a Christian, as he states, or not is irrelevant. I remember these idiotic arguments during my childhood when Kennedy was a 'Catholic' candidate and the opposition (no Roman Catholic had ever won) tried to terrorize everyone with what a 'Catholic' would do when the Pope (good God!) took control of the country!

Sheer idiocy! Americans had better pay attention so they are not hoodwinked into a poor decision when they vote this time.

EvilPoet said...

It's sickening the way the media and politicians stomp all over church state separation. Freedom of religion also includes freedom from religion. It's too bad that part of it keeps getting left behind.

The only thing that's become really, really clear in any of this is that there is no place for non-believers like myself in this new America.

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