Saturday, December 22, 2007

Are We Worth It?

By Robert Parry
December 22, 2007

Like millions of Americans, we’ll be traveling some before Christmas, so we’ll probably not be posting as many stories as usual. But we are leaving up on the home page the stories from the past six or seven weeks for you to review while making an assessment of whether we’re worth it.

That’s because you – our readers – are the ones who will decide whether we can continue as a source of independent news. Either we make it with your financial support – through donations and book sales – or we don’t.

Read on.


profmarcus said...

Yes, you are worth it. I have been following your work for the past several years and am vastly impressed by your dedication, your ability to communicate a clear perspective, and your thorough research work. I have also followed your financial struggles and sincerely wish I was in a position to contribute. I rely on consulting contracts working with economic development projects in other countries and I haven't had one since a year ago this past October. Hopefully, that will change soon and I will be able to toss something in your hat. I wish you the very best of the holidays and trust that you will be able to continue your excellent work.

richmynick said...

Yes, you are absolutely worth it. I echo everything the first poster said. I admire your integrity & dedication, have contributed whatever money I could to help keep your enterprise going, & have bought all 3 of your books. (All 3 occupy an honored place on my bookshelf; I learned a great deal from all of them.)

If you guys are obliged to fold up shop due to financial pressures, I'll consider it a painful loss to us all -- but will always value what I learned from you. I'll also interpret it as part of the very tendency in US culture that your reporting illuminates: namely, that integrity is selected against, in our society.