Friday, December 07, 2007

Bush Spins Iran's Centrifuges

By Ray McGovern
December 8, 2007

Without weaver-in-chief Karl Rove and former presidential spokesman Tony Snow, it is amateur hour at the White House. And the theater would be as funny as The Daily Show were the subject not so serious.

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progressivegrannie said...

Thank you Ray. Once again, you clearly and concisely state the facts. It's obvious that the administration is spreading disinformation to continue to make their case to invade/bomb Iran. While Americans (many of them) are led like sheep by this tyrant in charge.

Lostyouth said...

Bush has never made a secret of the fact he wanted to attack Iran. His World War III reality.

And he has never hidden very well the fact he will lie to obtain his self deceived right to do as he pleases.