Friday, January 18, 2008

Saving Hillary, at Least for Now

By Robert Parry
January 18, 2008

In December and early January – as Hillary Clinton’s lead in the Democratic presidential race evaporated and especially after she lost the Iowa caucuses – her panicked supporters played nearly every card in their political deck to salvage the dream of putting a second Clinton in the White House.

Sen. Clinton and her feminist backers appealed to women to get behind one of their own; Clinton operatives insinuated that Barack Obama’s youthful drug use would make him unelectable; and former President Bill Clinton pulled a page from Karl Rove’s playbook in attacking Obama on a perceived strength, his early opposition to the Iraq War.

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Left Coast Calling said...

I think you are losing it in your distaste for the Clintons. Hillary may well be the standard bearer for the Democrats. As unwelcome as you may consider that outcome, you have to realize it would be better than another Republican. Implying that Hillary is manufacturing emotion is a trick from the Republican right. Who do want to win this thing come November?

Anonymous said...

"Later the same day, a prominent Clinton supporter, BET founder Rob Johnson, made a new insinuation ..."

This the same Robert Johnson, who Aaron (Boondocks) MacGruder castigates as a media sellout who cheapens his publications with lots of nude girls and no substance - another rich Black guy who's done little for other Blacks but profit off them. Of course such a person would be in the Clinton camp. I certainly hope Blacks are not fooled, same as Aaron MacGruder was not fooled.

Thanks to Aaron for pointing Robert Johnson out.


By the way:
1. Of course Hillary manages her emotional output with an eye to its effect on the public. She'd be stupid not to. Those tears were calculated to get more votes, and they did.
2. Saying Hillary is better than the Republicans is like saying the frying pan is better than the fire (and it is, slightly.) But she will do ZERO to roll back 30 years of Republican Propaganda that will, if allowed, lead to FASCISM IN OUR TIME. She will go RIGHT ALONG with the Military-Industrial complex, because she knows fighting them could cost her office or her life - and to hell with the citizens she should serve, let them look up Eisenhower's warning speech if they remember he made one.

If Hillary wins, we have to pretend we still have a Republican administration, because it will behave that way - mark my words. No punishment of any BushCo crimes and no investigation into why we came (and stay) so close to abandoning Democracy. No fight against jingoistic propaganda and no fight against corporatism. Just bland meaningless words, lots and lots of sunny smiles, and no meaningful action. Who needs it.

Vote Edwards or Obama, although we'd really rather have Gravel or Kucinich.

Clinton = more wars
Republicans = more wars

If you don't mind wars, you might as well vote for McCain, who is honest about wanting them.

big em said...

I'm a Kucinich fan, and will be loathe to vote for Hillary after her cynical support of the Iraq War, but I wonder if Russert is as dogged in his questioning when he has 'W' or 'President' Cheney on his show? Seems that I've read more about 'fawning servility' than 'tough questioning' when an administration Republican is on the show...

micki said...

Robert Parry -- I have been a subscriber to for quite some time, and have (with limited funds available) even sent you money, admittedly not much, but still I wrote checks to you...

But, tonight I unsubscribed to your online newsletter because you are over the edge! Your disdain for Clinton is fogging your journalistic judgment.

You have become the enemy in your anti-Clinton zeal.

BTW, I am an Edwards' supporter.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether you visit - but old Bart is an avid Hillary Clinton fan. He has been raking you for criticizing Clinton. I am not a Hillary fan, but I hope you do see the value of supporting Hillary, if she gets the Democratic nomination. Otherwise, a part divided against itself cannot stand.