Sunday, February 24, 2008

Behind the Kosovo Crisis

Editors of
February 24, 2008

The Kosovo crisis of 1998-99 was the first international conflict that covered extensively, relying on dispatches from veteran war correspondent Don North in the field and on investigations of Washington’s strategy by reporters Mollie Dickenson and Robert Parry.

Given the resurgence of the crisis over Kosovo – following its unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia and angry reactions in Belgrade and Moscow – we are publishing this look-back on our coverage, which faulted all participants in the human tragedy: Serb nationalists, Kosovar separatists and the Clinton administration.

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Anonymous said...

Strange - I tought this would be no corporate mainstream press, but I find here their war propaganda as in 1999. The so-called war-initiating "Racak Massacre" was a fake massacre organised by the KLA, Albright and William Walker. This is of clear evidence with an endless list of of proofs. Because near Racak some police men were shot to dead days before, serb security forces came together with OSCE- monitors (monitoring serb attacks is their task there!)and two AP TV reporters to Racak and were shot when arriving. Racak was know as KLA-stronghold with dugouts but without civilian "villagers". Even according to newspaper reports KLA terror boss Hacim Thaci said there was a long and hard fight (!) in Racak. After the fight, the Serb went aways and the OSCE and AP TV team entered Racak without seeing anything of a massacre. See French paper FIGARO at this time or the German "Berliner Zeitung" with its report that OSCE Monitors blamed Walker and reentering KLA having collected the dead of this fight in a trench and declared them as "civilian victims" massacred from short distance. Autopsy calimed virtually all of the 45 was hit from far away distances. The many headshots came from the fight between dugouts /trenches. There is also a New york times or Wash. Post (?) article 1-2 days before the incident where in an internal meeting with Albright she launched the information that there will be a "galvanising" incident that will give the case of Kosovo a turn. Same with a lot of other socalled Massacres and never found ass graves or "ethnic cleansing" - the first ethnic cleansing (of the Serb minority !)happend in Kosovo when NATO arrived. Instead if de-militarizing the Kosovo and provide a peacefull life for all people, they made the KLA -terrorists (originally drug dealers and prostitutes transferers) to police ! In den Haag Lord Owen said there is no single guilty side in the Srebrenica case - however still today media speaks of 7000 massacred civilians of the serbs.

"Free" "independent" Journalists seem to be the most dependent ones of their profession.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding readers of the Clinton administration's bloody hands with the authorized NATO bombing in Kosovo.

How about reminding readers of the years of depleted uranium bombing of no fly zones in Souther Iraq before the 2003 invasion?

Democrats, Rebuplicans - will we ever learn?