Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bush Turns US Soldiers into Murderers

By Robert Parry
February 13, 2008

By forcing repeat combat assignments to Iraq and Afghanistan – and by winking at torture and indiscriminate killings – George W. Bush is degrading the reputation of the U.S. military, turning enlisted soldiers and intelligence officers into murderers and sadists.

For instance, on Feb. 10 at Camp Liberty in Iraq, Army Ranger Sgt. Evan Vela was sentenced by a U.S. military court to 10 years in prison for executing an unarmed Iraqi detainee who – along with his son – had stumbled into a U.S. sniper position last year.

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Anonymous said...

Shut up idiot

micki said...


Robert Parry, I would respectfully suggest you get out a little more and talk to some adults...you pontificate:

But other mothers – especially white women over 50 who have been targeted as a core constituency by Hillary Clinton’s campaign – are making another judgment. They believe it is time for a woman to be president and they don’t see another likely female contender on the horizon. So Sen. Clinton it is.

Sorry, we white middle-aged women (I came of age to vote in the 1968 election), have not settled on Senator Clinton because "it's time for a woman to be president" -- we fully support Hillary Clinton because she's the most qualified and the most inspirational on merit and leadership (not feel-good kumbaya).

I'm not for Senator Clinton because she's a woman, I'm for her because I'm a woman.

Many of us never gave up the good fight -- from 1968 forward. My daughters can pick anyone they want as their presidential choice, if they are disappointed, I'll tell them to "snap out of it" and get moving for the next time.

Parry, you're insulting.

Anonymous said...

to anon and micki

the brutality and reality of war needs to be seen -- like it or not war - as practiced today - is immoral and the ultimate evil that humans can inflict on other humans and rare is the circumstance that necessitates it

Anonymous said...

to micki

Thatcher was never more peaceful bec she was a woman - she was as warmongering as any male and was in fact the reason why Bush 1's neutral stance did a 180 after talking with her post the '90 invasion

as bad as the choices are the viable candidate with the least war potential must be chosen - unfort Paul was purposefully ignored by the MSM so we are left with Obama

Johnny said...

Obama will turn peoples to became Muslim someday! Union workers are stupid, Obama can`t control or make Food , Steel ,Meat and etc to give Union worker more money or give them better benefits ,You know Company will close for good! Waste your hope!