Monday, March 10, 2008

Nadler Disses Voters on Impeachment

By Ray McGovern
March 11, 2008

You would not know it for the news blackout, but New Yorkers of Congressman Jerrold Nadler’s district held a Town Hall/Impeachment Forum on Sunday to encourage Nadler, chair of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, to begin impeachment proceedings against Vice President Dick Cheney.

Panelists included former congresswoman Liz Holtzman, former Reagan Justice Department attorney Bruce Fein, human rights attorney and Harpers commentator Scott Horton, and John Nirenberg, the activist who at the turn of the year walked from Boston to Washington, D.C., in a futile attempt to meet with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on impeachment.

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chankla said...

Well, goes to show that the actions of these type of Democrats reinforces the concept of 'one side of the same coin.'

Dems on one side and Reps on the other.

Nothing changes. They continue the status quo.

Scott Kennedy said...

Good work. I started this site a few months back in an effort to educate angry, frustrated New Yorkers that they do indeed have the power - via Nadler - to force this issue onto the House floor for debate.

I don't think people recognize this power, or even know their Rep sits at the head of the committee! I made up the 'NYC for 333' slogan/ logo, and passed out about 2,000 small business cards to folks on the street to encourage those in the district to call Nadler's office and politely encourage his support on impeachment hearings and this resolution.

I guess it didn't make a dent.

And sadly, the election craze has now taken over. But restoring the Constitution and holding our executive branch accountable for their actions is worth fighting for , and I hope you and everyone reading this reaches deep down into their reserve, and finds the strength to keep it up. We must build a coalition that no press can possibly ignore.

Anonymous said...

We should go after the whole lot ( cheney, bush, rice, powell. rumsfield. ) They should and will be put on trail for crimes against humanity!!! They will be tried by an international court and pay for their crimes!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have recently found Consortium News and after reading the Nadler entry I wrote a letter to both him and Nancy Pelosi calling for impeachment for Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield. Thanks for the REAL news Consortium. It is a shame that the leading News organizations are running scared. We the People, By the People, Of the People....ring a bell America.