Monday, April 07, 2008

Why We Deserve Your Help

By Robert Parry
April 7, 2008

We know that times are tough and there are plenty of worthy causes deserving of your financial support. So why help us at A fair question – and here’s our answer:

We’ve been in the fight for honest journalism for a long time. Our Internet operation started in 1995, the infancy of the modern Internet.

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financial advisor said...

Mr. Parry,

If your contributions are slow in coming, it could be that some readers have been put off by your hysterical Hillary-bashing.

When you provide investigative journalism, without bias, presented with facts and sources, you do a creditable job. I've been impressed on numerous occasions.

But, frankly, when you go off on your anti-Clinton tangents, you lose credibility, which makes me wonder if I can rely on your judgment when you provide us with other information.

Hillary Clinton was not my first choice for a Dem presidential nominee, but you -- and others like you -- have so royally turned me off, that I decided to take a closer look at her, and decided she's the best candidate still standing.

I'll give her a donation.

Uncle Ernie said...

So Barry's kids aren't contributing and all the old folks who used to send you money and want to see the first women president have had it with your insane tirades against her and have stopped sending in donations. Bummer dude! Maybe the rich white boy from Hawaii will give you a job as spin master in his Junta, providing that your tirades haven't totally turned off Hillary voters who'll sit this out and give it to McCain, or was that your plan all along? Maybe it's time to retire and take up bee keeping?

big em said...

Keep up the good work! I was reading your hard-copy magazine before the Internet and have always found your venues to be one of the few serious progressive showcases for some good editorial articles and strong factual opinion and investigating. You guys are on my daily-visit list.

And I for one don't believe that real progressives/liberals can settle for Hillary -- who wants to get tri-angulated again? The serious voter has to look at the voting record of the candidates and Hillary has NOT shown any courage on the biggest ethical problem of our times -- the Iraq War.

fact checker said...

big em sez: The serious voter has to look at the voting record of the candidates and Hillary has NOT shown any courage on the biggest ethical problem of our times -- the Iraq War.

Well, big em, I'm a serious voter and I've looked at Clinton's and Obama's voting records and they are very, very similar, on all issues.

Obama states (ad nauseum) that he was against the Iraq War, but he wasn't in the Senate at the time of the INFAMOUS vote that his supporters vilify Hillary for.

Obama has stated, in a moment of candor, that he doesn't know how he'd vote if he had been in the Senate at the time of the war resolution vote.


So, I would respectfully suggest that you take a closer look at his voting record, if you want to self-describe yourself as a "serious voter."

Anonymous said...

"Hysterical Hillary-bashing"?

I understand if you are upset because you think Parry has been a little too kind in his comments about Obama but, c'mon, his comments about Hillary are right on target.


big em said...

'fact checker'(?): if you check your facts closely you'll notice that I never mentioned Obama's candidacy nor record, just Senator Clinton's -- I carry no torch for Obama. But thank you for agreeing that Sen. Clinton voted 'infamously' in support of the Iraq War.