Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bush's Worst Lie

By Jay Diamond
May 13, 2008

Carter states: “I do not think the President of the United States should be a liar, and believe that the overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens agree with me. For security reasons, the whole truth cannot always be revealed, but it is quite obvious that lies are seldom made to protect our nation. Almost invariably, the political fortunes of the prevaricator are at stake.”

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Angelo said...

Right on the money Jay. An absolute truthful article. We were lied to in more ways than one. This administration has been lying since that war started. Mission Accomplished? Not at all.

Anonymous said...

This administration has been a lie even before bush was 'elected' in 2000. They just continued and built on the lies that was the base of their campaigning in the first place. They have succeeded in gutting this country and that was their goal. All for a NWO, theirs. Power, greed and control is their true goal.