Monday, May 05, 2008

Reflections on Israel's 60th

By Rabbi Michael Lerner
May 5, 2008

While the United States and all other countries -- including the Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist countries -- closed their doors to Jews seeking refuge from the murder of millions of Jews by the fascists, and while the Palestinian people's leadership used their influence with the British to ensure that Jews would not be able to settle in our ancient homeland both during and immediately after the Second World War as hundreds of thousands of survivors languished in displaced persons' camps in Europe, the Zionist movement championed the need for a state of the Jewish people with its own army and its own territory.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rabbi Lerner!
I've read a lot about Israel/Palestine, Jewish/Moslem problems, and you are one of the few to propose a solution that makes sense to me.

micki said...

A breath of fresh air! Oy! Common sense thoughts on a seemingly intractable situation are so rare these days -- more often than not, writers with a forum prefer to turn one side (the side with which they disagree) into the "enemy." Robert Parry, you could learn a lesson from Rabbi Lerner.

Shalom aleichem!

Anonymous said...

Here's some more information about the Jews:

Anonymous said...

''Hindu, and Buddhist countries -- closed their doors to Jews seeking''
That's not true India has and have had a thriving jewish population and you would have joined them but the British may not have allowed as India was then a colony

bob said...

Rabbi Lerner is correct in observing fault on both sides, but fails to grasp the underlying malignancy: intransigent historical and spiritual animosity. Hence, his solution: "... building such a world of open-heartedness, compassion, and caring for others ..." comes across as pathetically naive, offering no real hope for resolution, which is nothing other than the return of the Messiah to "make things right".