Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What's Wrong with Oklahoma?

By Richard L. Fricker
May 28, 2008

Democrats – divided into warring camps behind Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – might want to take a look at Oklahoma to see what the future could hold if their party fails to unite, letting right-wing evangelicals and neoconservatives have their way.

The Republican-dominated Oklahoma legislature is defining the frontier of xenophobic immigration laws, anti-Muslim bigotry, gay bashing and encouragement of gun-toting students – with Democratic legislators often too timid to resist.

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Anonymous said...

What is wrong with OKLAHOMA?
NOTHING. The news media and comments are, again, ignoring the fact that there is a difference between "immigrant" and ILLEGAL ALIEN.

Anonymous said...

Well, congratulations Fricker. Your article was picked up by the Dubai-based Islamonline. They follow closely the progress or lack there of about Islam in our state.

Way to go!