Saturday, July 12, 2008

Obama Helps Give Bush a Victory

July 12, 2008

After vowing in January to filibuster any wiretap bill that included retroactive immunity for telecommunication companies, Barack Obama changed his mind, voting on Wednesday for legislation that included immunity.

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Ford Greene said...

Do you think that the Bush Administration, engaging in spying since at least 7 months before 9/11/01, could resist the temptation to assimilate J. Edgar and Richard Nixon type files on their perceived enemies, particularly at home? What is the likelihood this explains the total Democratic cave in on almost everything that counts? As if the American people are not already dangerously isolated from the rest of the world, the new FISA authorized spying, by chilling international communication regarding the crimes of the American Government, will only dramatically increase the extent of this isolation. It will it al the more easy to manipulate an already highly malleable American public. After all, isolation is the first principle of brainwashing and thought reform, as the Guantanamo interrogators reliance on Biderman’s article describing Chinese thought reform has recently confirmed. The result is more likely to keep us in than it is to keep any so-called terrorists out.

LiberalMetsFan said...

This is very troubline. Combine this with Obama's pandering to AIPAC, his recent praise of free trade and "all options on the table" with Iran and I will have trouble voting for him in good conscience in November.

I don't like how Nader has jumped in after being in the background for the last 4 years.

If Obama continues I may write-in for Kucinich since he's the ONLY person in Congress actually doing something to help protectx the Constitution.

fact checker said...

Now that we know for certain that Barack Obama is willing to horsetrade away our civil liberties for political expediency, why would anyone want to reward him with their vote?

Obama's craven capitulation on FISA -- and what it means -- cannot be separated from the Bush Administration's total disregard for our laws against torture. Obama has shown us that he is willing to provide immunity to KNOWN past illegal behaviors and has agreed to allow future illegal behaviors without consequences. He has, in essence, done exactly what Bush/Cheney have done on torture -- they have no regard for the RULE OF LAW, but conduct themselves on the premise of RULE OF MEN.

Obama is not morally or ethically fit to be POTUS.

fact checker said...

Robert Parry should stop hiding behind his excuses for Obama.