Thursday, July 03, 2008

What Patriotism Is, and Is Not

By Michael Winship
July 3, 2008

At the beginning of the week, a friend sent me a scurrilous, anonymous e-mail attacking Barack Obama that has been circulating around her elderly cousin’s Jewish senior living community in New Jersey.

Headlined “Something to Think About,” it lists 13 acts of assassination, kidnapping, war and terrorism, all of which, it notes, were committed “by Muslim male extremists between the ages of 17 and 40.”

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Anonymous said...

I love you, Robert Parry, and I'm in the category of those who can't contribute now because I've lost my copy editor job in a layoff. But I will forward as you ask.
Coincidentally, my right-wing acquaintance in South Dakota just sent me the e-mail referred to in "What Patriotism Is, And Is Not." So I sent him the great Winship piece.
Regards, B. Dunn