Friday, August 29, 2008

How the Republicans Win

By Robert Parry
August 29, 2008

Barack Obama made it across the tightrope of the Democratic National Convention, gaining solid endorsements from Bill and Hillary Clinton and giving a rousing speech before some 80,000 supporters at Invesco Field in Denver. But now comes the time when the Republicans win elections.

Over the past four decades, Republicans have dominated the outcomes of presidential races by mixing negative campaigning in public with illicit dirty tricks behind the scenes, as I've recounted in my last two books, Secrecy & Privilege and Neck Deep.

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Anonymous said...

I hope women voters keep in mind, that Gov.Palin is anti women rights, pro GUNS and PRO WAR. The gop picked her to get the votes from Clinton backers, to attract the younger set, especially men, and knowing McCain might not be around, and the GOP, can boast, of having the first female president. Even though they hated the idea when Hillery was running, when some said they didn't want a women in office.

fact checker said...

I don't quite see the point of constantly bringing up all the GOP dirty tricks from the past. Do you expect that to help Obama? If so, how?

The GOP are masters at manipulation and chicanery, but with Obama's bottomless pit of money, the disarray in the GOP, the country's stunning debt, skyrocketing home foreclosures, an unpopular war, monumental concern about the direction we're going, budget-busting gas prices, lack of affordable health care, etc., one would think the Democrats could win this in a cakewalk.

So, why continue to dredge up all the sins of the past from the GOP? Why don't you write about WHY Obama is the one who can win and lead the country out of this mess?

Convince us that Obama is Ready to Go! All this whining about the past is tiresome -- and it doesn't help!!!

Anonymous said...

Republicans don't win -- they cheat. They're merely grown-up versions of the bully-brat-liars we hated in school.

McSame is more likely to end up drilling Palin than winning this election.