Thursday, October 02, 2008

John McCain v. The Truth

By Robert Parry
October 2, 2008

John McCain’s greatest character flaw as a potential President may be his brash self-righteousness, often expressed in a combative manner that shows little tolerance for even well-founded criticism.

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Anonymous said...

McCains attitude, bomb, bomb, Iran, mentality

Anonymous said...

Negative adds are not just a marketing tool. They tell us that McCain has no vision. History tells us that no vision is dangerous in times om crises. When someone chooses to run 100% negative adds in times when vision is needed.

Guess what happans when USA has a no-vision president he will also seeks negative war like solutions for the USA ?

Only bad leaders and regimes run negative adds and solution. History an China, Old Russia Hitler Germany are endless examples of these conspiracy ennemy and racial solutions. Cynically the intensify when the leader actually needs vision and got stuck. Negative adds show no respect and that is the basis of bad regime like racism.

Good luck and it is your task as a journalist to fight for decency. A lot of people in the world watch and see that USA looses respect amoung the leaders and therefore it is hard to respect the USA. Please USA, show respect and guide us. We need each other.