Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain Enflames 'Partisan Rancor'

By Robert Parry
October 24, 2008

Perhaps the biggest lie of John McCain’s campaign – from a list that is long and growing daily – was his claim during his acceptance speech in early September that he would be the leader who would end “partisan rancor.”

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Anonymous said...

Parry, we get it. Even the neocons are jumping the McCain ship.

Lets look at the war mongering rhetoric of Obama ? Can we look at Obama's involvment for the banking sector ? Can we look Obama's foriegn policy advisors ???

Get over McCain. He's a loser.

fact checker said...

Anony --

Too many in the media -- both mainstream and so-called alternative -- are in the tank for Obama.

He can do no wrong.

Barack Obama is the least investigated, least scrutinized, least tested presidential nominee of a major party in my lifetime.