Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama Can End Iraq War 'Responsibly'

By Peter Dyer
November 26, 2008

One of Barack Obama's most compelling and popular campaign promises was his pledge to end the war in Iraq “responsibly.” But what does “responsibly” mean in this context?

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Florence Chan said...

The likelihood of facing trial is also inversely proportional to the status of the perpetrator and to the severity of the crime. The converse is true, too. Suppose a homeless person is suspected of having committed a crime, it's easy to imagine how fast he/she would be prosecuted and punished because these actions definitely would not be divisive, would not hurt social harmony, and would not distract us from "critical issues." The thought of living in such society sends a big shiver down my spine.

fact checker said...

The perps who broke domestic and international laws must be held accountable through investigations and prosecution, where warranted.

If the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress do not have the will to fulfill that requirement to restore our country to a land of laws, then We, the People should do it, though it may take a while.

Our economy, our security and the quality of democracy are caught up in the web of the military-industrial-political complex.

You can't fix one, without fixing the other.

Anonymous said...

The writer seems to join me and who knows how many others in feeling a deep sense of revulsion, disgust and betrayal at the rogues gallery of reactionary types Obama is surrounding himself with. Two of them have crashed the economy with their own hands, Volcker as chairman of the Federal Reserve sent interest rates to the point that one of my uncles got an interest rate on a bank CD of over 20 percent, and Summers who crashed the economy as a deficit hawk responsible for the 2000 recession. The gang of Iraq war criminals is mind-boggling.

Gimme Shelter said...

Obama should make a statement that even though Bush is still President, the moment that he takes office troops will come home. He won the post of President in no small part due to his claims of being against the war. We cannot afford to watch another Democrat move to the Center-Right and forget all of his promises to We the People. Bush needs to be prosecuted for war crimes JUST like in Nuremburg. And yes, it's we who need to make this happen. The question is...how.