Monday, December 01, 2008

Bush Still Lies about Iraqi Inspections

By Robert Parry
December 2, 2008

In what’s been called George W. Bush’s first exit interview, the outgoing President continues a lie that he first unveiled several months after launching the Iraq War, justifying the invasion by claiming that Saddam Hussein didn’t let the U.N. inspectors in.

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raymond compton said...

Like you Robert, I am continually dumbfounded by this obvious, blatant lie and how he gets away with it. There must be many more than you and I who remember the inspectors going to every site the CIA and other intelligence agencies supplied information on and finding nothing. A group of us asked our congressman to carry our message back to DC to allow the inspectors time to complete their work, we were told that he had info we were not privy to and the war had to start. He is a republican if you hadn't guessed. But the lie is still being allowed to go uncontested by these media hacks like gibson, koppel and others.

racetoinfinity said...

It's like a lot of lies that the corporatist media propagate (or don't challenge). Unmasking it would upset the legitimacy of, question the competence of, and introduce questions of collusion between the corp. media and the corporate/mil.industrial complex.

An even more basic lie of Bush's yesterday in that interview was that he had no idea that there would be a war before he took office. It was planned - see PNAC.

chmoore said...

Good point about the news media business enabling Bush's consistently retold lie about Iraq WMD. So then, why would they want to?

I like to remind myself that, rather than being either liberal or right-wing, the news media business is in fact, a business. The story that gets the attention is the one that delivers the consumers to the advertisers.

In this case, the '02/'03 reports of inspectors not finding anything, plays as a story where nothing is happening; whereas the fabricated report of 'not letting inspectors in' plays with drama, conflict and excitement. Hence, in news parlance, that's the story that "gets traction".

Meanwhile, if it's any consolation Robert, I just news googled the phrase "bush inspectors", and the #1 hit was your story. Perhaps if MSM '02/'03 reporting had brought up lying, history might have been different.

Anonymous said...

That silly SOB is going to get a pass by the writers of history. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

As long as you are powerful and corrupt you can get away with most things. People need to wake up from their sleep and realise that nothing will change with Obama as the agenda remains the same. We even have the Clintons still in power. Its all about looking after their own whilst working towards global domination.

Florence Chan said...

With the help of the Mainstream Media, most people still believe the big fat lies. In fact, from my observation, the more a person is exposed to the press, the more he/she buys into the Iraq story as told by Bush. Even those who are vehemently opposed to the war buy into it. They are opposed to the war just because it has been poorly executed or has gone on for too long. I believe among the 72% of Americans who gave him the all-time low disapproval rating, most are unhappy about his handling of the war, not about his reason for going to war.

The "united-we-stand" sentiment in the media has never gone away since 9/11. Even in the middle of an economic crisis and two illegal wars, the media is content being this huge collective nodding head. Some time down the road, when people's memory starts to fade, can you imagine how the media will rewrite history?

Tom said...

I have been saying the same thing. The media is absolutely outrageous.
Please pass this video on to others, it shows Bush lying three times about the inspectors.

A Representative Media must be established, the current media system can not be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Obama is about to be treated as Clinton was and Bush and Crime Family is about to be made into one of our Great Presidents, by the CORPORATE CONTROLED MEDIA and Republican Party and Friends such as LIE-berman. Isee it comming now in how the CCM letting Bush LIE and not calling HIM on it. And the Weak talking heads from the Democratic Party. All you hear from these people is MY FRIENDS this or that REPUBLICAN.