Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Secrecy Worsens Wall Street Mess

By Brent Budowsky
December 17, 2008

The public is angry – and that anger is rising.

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Anonymous said...

Greg, you are correct - - the anger in America is growing and is palpable, maybe even dangerous. I, for one among many, have watched as the White House and its radical conservative cadre of ideologues have moved against the best interests of the country as if they received a mandate this past November to continue their reign of destruction. The behavior makes no sense and appears pathological, the ravings of psychcotic inmates within some Republican run institution. Let me be specific. Bush has put on a public relations campaign about how he is cooperating with Obama and the Transition Team. Yet, behind the scenes he has converted political appointments to federal GS permanent positions, so Obama will have a hard time, he thinks, getting rid of them. He has signed more than 1,500 new Executive Orders, which are aimed at getting rid of every endangered species on the list, eliminating EPA laws, sending tons of documents to the shredder, transferring billions of dollars to the elites in the Corporate World and his puppets in the religious right, cutting back health care for sick Irag War casualites, removing the right of medical personnel to assist in any type of abortion and including hundreds of other directive precious to the sick minds of a handfull of radical conservatives. If that were not enough, I have learned from various media sources, domestic and foreign, that the current so-called economic crisis may have been designed as a last-gap attempt of the wealthy elites to get more tax dollars sent their way, in what has become the greatest example of wealthfare in history. Consider these facts. EU sources report that the default rate on mortage loans within the US is too low to cause such a major crisis. In addition, there are persistent rumors that many coporate and financial giants have parked billions of dollars in foreign banks. Also, the Italian and German press report that all of this was motivated by assuring viability while the nation is forced into depression, which can be blamed on Obama, a plan designed and orchestrated by behind the scenes by an internationally known powerful organization. All of this may seem conspiritorial, but the rumors are growing overseas that this financial crisis in America is not what its seems to be, one reason Paulson isn't about to devulge where billions of tax dollars have gone and why. You would think this matter would be the prize media story of the century, but all we hear is brain numbing silence. It seems the media wants Americans to go back to sleep so the elites can run things. Is it going to take a revolution in America to change things? I hope not, but the anger grows, and grows, and grows and keeps on growing.