Friday, January 30, 2009

Honoring an Iraq War Whistleblower

By Ray McGovern
January 30, 2009

Thank you, one and all, for coming this evening at such short notice and in such encouraging numbers. Our first order of business this evening is the presenting of the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence (SAAII) award to former Danish intelligence officer, Maj. Frank Grevil.

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knowbuddhau said...

Bravo, o brother my Brother! Bravo!

Thanks for the tale. I loved it. And I love the image of you, singing Hans Christian Anderson aka Danny Kaye to your grandchildren.

Joseph Campbell said, "We need poets, seers who will render to us the experience of the transcendent in terms of the world in which we are living."

These are my graphic illustrations of our Powers that Be and Our More Perfect Union


[[[Full-Spectrum Dominance / Our Common Weal///[[[{{{Suppression of Dissent}}}]]]]]]

In this case, the generic formula reads: Full-spectrum dominance over our common weal based on suppression of dissent

% Our patriarchal cult of kinetic power
% Closed society: Us vs. Them
% Fear and Control: manipulating the media narrative aka myth-jacking
% Absolute dualism enforced with kinetic violence
% Cosmos as construct
% Moves like a trebuchet or ratchet (boom & bust cycles)



In every case: In Union We Trust

% Open society: Our more perfect Union
% Empathy and mutual respect; sharing being aware of our shared narrative of our shared becoming
% Non-dualism expressed kenoticly
% Cosmos as organism
% Spins like a wheel; the Dao; dharmadhattu; the way the world self-empties into itself, "whereby Spring comes and grass goes by itself."

I bow in your virtual direction,