Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Should Dem Voters Accept Specter?

By Stephen Crockett
April 29, 2009

Most Pennsylvania Democrats are Democrats for good reasons. It is not because they like the letter “D’ more than the letter “R.” They are Democrats because they support the Democratic approach on a wide array of issues more than they support the Republican policy positions on those issues.

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James Young said...

Your welcome to this clown.

Anonymous said...

A so called 'moderate' Republican is already so far to the right of moderate that Pennsylvania Democrats, in a less corrupted political environment, would be much better off rejecting Specter in favor of a fresh, honest and less compromised candidate. But will the co-opted PA Democratic party be able to nurture and field such a candidate? Or will the will to power place this insider's insider in public office once again with a D instead of an R? It is indeed a strange nation and a strange time we find ourselves in.

Anonymous said...

Throughout the years I supported most of what Specter does. I even think his Single-Bullet theory was originally proposed to stop the public from believing the false toxic leads that Castro killed Kennedy to get even. Remember President Johns was afraid that blaming Castro might lead to war with Russia.

Sadly the little ruse was kept up over the years for less and less good reason. Please Senator Specter I admire you. Please speak up to why you emphasized a possibility so early in a murder investigation of only one conspirator. Please speak up before you die. With the declassifications of Oswald many back and forth dealings with both the US and Soviet government now public record, you bringing attention to this issue might save our democratic system. Everyone else above please stop condemning a sick old man.

Anonymous said...

it's " S P H I N C T E R ", as Ahole SPHINCTER, and they do need a pivot man, do they not, now that Harry Reid's knobby hands are getting to arthritic to do the jerking???