Monday, April 13, 2009

US News Media Fails America, Again

By Robert Parry
April 13, 2009

Watching Glenn Beck of Fox News rant about “progressive fascism” – and muse about armed insurrection – or listening to mainstream pundits prattle on about Barack Obama as the “most polarizing President ever,” it is hard to escape the conclusion that today’s U.S. news media represents a danger to the Republic.

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Marshalldoc said...

Your observation of the "cycle" of Repug intransigence & hostility causing a Dim president to move toward the right, thereby engendering hostility from the left is most perceptive and is probably quite accurate.

It also says something about the Repug's commitment to their ideology (as repugnant as it is) and about the Dim's willingness to let the ideological goalposts slide in an attempt to win approval.

It's almost like watching children or idiots do humiliating things to win their parents' approval or a piece of candy from an otherwise disapproving superior.

detroittown said...

I can't count the number of letters I have written to the so-called main stream networks and to individual programs to voice my concern to their slanting the news toward the republicans and the right wing.

The networks don't bother anymore to send the precanned "thank you" e-mails. And since nothing has changed about the way they present news or the guests invited to their shows, e-mails and letters from the public have no effect.

So what else can be done, especially from the public who have not platform or access?

OC_lib said...

Mr Parry, unfortunately, Consortiumnews seems to have limited readership. This article over on Alternet set off a firestorm of comments from all sides (though it appears many self described democrats, liberals or progressives are really just trolls). The most salient point you make here and have made for over a decade) is how the absence of a broad based mainstream, aka "liberal" news medium (one that represents the views of the MAJORITY of the American electorate) in this country leaves no effective means for US to fight back against THEM (the entrenched military/health-care/prison/financial-sector/propaganda("news") industrial complex. I'm in no position to start one but I do donate to organizations that stand up for the public over corporate interests (including Consortiumnews, DemocracyNow! and Pacifica Radio). All readers here should too.

Anonymous said...

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