Monday, May 25, 2009

Colin Powell Skates on Torture

By Robert Parry
May 25, 2009

There is no one, it seems, that the U.S. mainstream news media loves more than Colin Powell, a “moderate” Republican who gives a careerist journalist the chance to do some smart positioning in the “center.” But the truth about this retired four-star general is that he is the ultimate careerist.

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racom said...

A needed and brutally honest review of the hero Powell. I have followed his career over the years and witnessed the soft touch given him from the press. I appreciate the 'let the facts define the person' approach of Parry, so few real reporters left, so many investigations needed to be done.

zuzuzpetals said...

Thanks for a really important history refresher on this most smiling of villains. Really appreciate your work.

Florence Chan said...

Americans like "centrist," "neutral," "moderate," and "bipartisan." As long as you can package yourself in these terms, you'd be popular.

BlogNews said...

Powell has always got a free ride from the MSM , but so has U.S. foreign policy , Israel , and now obama .
They use the pelosi issue as an convenient diversion , to avoid talking about why Bush should be investigated and prosecuted for torture & other war crimes & include the golden boy powell , lol , hell, to the MSM he walks on water , his involvement in Iran/Contra , My Lai , panama Invasion , Iraq Invasion and now his involvement in torture , are all ignored .
Maintaining MYTHS seems to be their main goal .