Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obama, Pakistan and the Rule of Law

By Peter Dyer
May 13, 2009

In the first hour of his administration President Barack Obama affirmed his dedication to the rule of law:

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sanda said...

Glad for this post. It's a lonely article "out there".

I heard about the drones/missiles of Jan. 23, that weekend on the It got me so upset that I made art about it on the Monday. It's an issue that so bothers me. Done just a few days after the Inauguaration. It was a signal that Obama was "way off".

Someone wrote on a blog that "Obama had permission from the Pakistan gov't" as if that made it legal and OK to commit war crimes.

Anonymous said...

Colon Blow Powell trapped himself.

allegedly he said; "This is BULLSHIT" but he still presented that crap to the United Nations. I stood up in an urgent care center in Minnesota that night and called him a goddamned liar, as did '2' other vets. the triage nurse then denounced us and then made sure none of us got seen by a physician. Fuck COLON BLOW POWELL FOR HIS WAR CRIMES COMPLICITY AND MASS MURDER COMPLICITY!