Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bush Spying Relied on Faulty Theories

By Jason Leopold
July 12, 2009

George W. Bush justified his warrantless wiretapping by relying on Justice Department attorney John Yoo’s theories of unlimited presidential wartime powers, and started the spying operation even before Yoo issued a formal opinion, a government investigation discovered.

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1stProtestinTheStreet said...

"Essentially, President Bush took it upon himself to ignore the clear requirement of the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that all domestic intelligence-related electronic spying must have a warrant from a secret federal court, not just presidential approval. Illegal wiretapping is a felony under federal law."

Very certain that Bush violated FISA.

And there was that admitting he did of ordering Torture. And of course Cheney admitted it as well.

Torture, Deceiving Congress, WMD Lies...
what more does Holder need?
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