Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holder Ponders Limited Torture Probe

By Jason Leopold
July 29, 2009

Last year, in the heat of the presidential campaign, Eric Holder was a featured speaker at the American Constitution Society’s annual convention where he told a packed crowd that the “American people are owe[d] a reckoning” as a result of the “abusive” and “unlawful” policies of the Bush administration.

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libhom said...

I am so sick of the Obama administration pandering the Bush regime rather than enforcing the law.

1stProtestinTheStreet said...

The Torture Momos were used to con normally law abiding, patriotic CIA and FBI agents and US Soldiers into violating our Federal Anti-Torture Laws. Panetta has become a major part of the current torture cover up.

The fact is that it is the CIA's own leadership that put their agents in danger of prosecution simply by leadership's not obeying and respecting our Federal Laws and Constitution. But then CIA wishes to be exempt from all laws in any country in which it operates, including the United States.

Bush and Cheney attempted to ignore the law and thereby put all CIA agents who tortured or conspired to torture, even if they meant well (chuckle), at serious risk of Federal prosecution. That the leadership of CIA was corrupt at the time does not make what they did any less illegal.

And Attorney General Holder's special prosecutor-trial balloon is designed to try to get away with a very narrowly focused, very limited investigation of only a few criminals who tortured using methods worse than the
ALREADY ILLEGAL Torture Methods In Bush's Torture Memos.

We voters need a complete investigation of all the abuses of power and violations of Federal Laws under Bush and Cheney. Holder's tightly focused, limited investigation of torture that violated the "Bush Cheney Torture Memos" Is Just More Cover Up.

The problem here is that Attorney General Holder seems to be leaning toward a very narrow investigation about the "wrong" Torture violations.

Holder appears to be saying that the Bush "Torture Memos" have the force of law, that the memos became new torture law and that he only has to prosecute violations which were outside of the Torture allowed by the memos. That is false.

The "Torture Memos" themselves are a criminal conspiracy to evade our Federal Anti-Torture Laws and to render our Federal Torture Law moot. A presidentially appointed lawyer can't make or change Federal Laws no matter who appoints them. Only Congress can do that.

Prosecute all those that ordered torture in our name, then go after all the other violations of Federal Laws and of our Constitution committed by Bush and Cheney.

The only way to protect lower ranking CIA agents, soldiers and law enforcement agents from prosecution for violating Federal Laws ( while under orders from superiors to do so) is to prosecute the superiors that ordered the illegality in the first place, even if, and especially If it includes former Presidents, Vice Presidents and Directors of the CIA.

Prosecution of the leaders will protect the agents. Enforcement of our Torture Laws will protect our freedoms from the tyranny of the powerful.

both a Commission of Inquiry
and a Special Prosecutor
For All Their Crimes